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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage targets muscles and tissues, stretching the fascia, the interconnecting tissues that support your muscles, nerves, and bones. Each layer of the connective tissue is stretched and moved to remove adhesions and reduce contractions. Massage Therapists will use their fingers, hands, forearms, and elbows to work each of these layers.

Deep tissue massage is beneficial for those who are experiencing chronic muscle pain. For example, scar tissue that can limit motion can be broken down and stretched through this technique, offering more flexibility and lessening pain. Athletes often use deep tissue massage as part of their recovery process, but it can be used for many different issues and some inflammatory conditions. Due to the intensity of deep tissue massage, some people with certain health conditions may find it a bit invasive so if you are particularly sensitive, Swedish massage may be the better option for your needs.

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